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  • How do I place an order?
    You can place an order under the "order online" page. Add items to your cart, enter your information, and pay online. Please be as specific as possible with what you would like and FOR WHEN. Remember, nothing is confirmed until we contact you and please be cognizant of minimum notice needed for orders. All bagel orders should be placed BEFORE 3pm the day before your intended pick-up day. Cake orders should be placed 3 days in advance of pick up. For special requests, please contact us.
  • How should I freeze and defrost my bagels?
    The bagels should be put in the freezer the FIRST day you receive them as they do not have any preservatives. They can be wrapped in paper and then put into a large ziplock, or directly into a ziplock and then into the freezer. When ready to defrost, you can either take the bagel out and let it defrost and then slice and toast, or microwave for a few seconds until it can be cut and then toast it. Remember, if you microwave too long, it will ruin the texture. You can follow the same instructions for our challahs.
  • Are the bagels vegan?
    Yes, the bagels are vegan except for bagels that are obviously NOT vegan, such as the jalapeño cheddar bagel. If you have questions about ingredients in any of our products, please contact us.
  • Do you deliver or are you on any delivery platforms?
    We are on GLOVO and UBER EATS every day of the week. We do our own delivery inside the M30 on either THURSDAY or FRIDAY (changes weekly). Delivery is free over 18€ and 3€ for orders between 10-17€. There is a minimum order of 10eur for delivery.
  • Are you pet-friendly?
    Yes! Bring your dog, cat, or baby. We love them all. (We do ask that you please let us know about strollers if you are going to reserve for weekend brunch- we don't have a ton of space). We don't have high chairs available.
  • How do I reserve a table?
    Please CALL us at the shop. Please do not send an email or an Instagram message to reserve a table.
  • Can you ship bagels to other cities?
    Yes! You can order directly on our website and we will ship out as soon as possible.
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